mct protect

is a hand picked suite of solutions tailored for your company.

MCT Protect provides best-in-class business continuity to ensure that your company's information technology environment runs smoothly

The services provided under MCT Protect include:

Personalized Support Desk

Our IT support is handled in-house by our friendly, knowledgeable staff. We pride ourselves on the fact that our team is easy to talk to and place importance on our team’s ability to communicate with our clients on their level. Although we operate on a ticket-based system, there are no annoying phone menus. Since we value personal relationships, we like the fact that our customers usually know who they are speaking with 

Website Management

Websites need love too. We provide website management and maintenance if needed. Although we have managed websites for years, this has been a largely unadvertised service. Like many other technological assets, website security and performance will degrade over time if not properly maintained. Our goal is to maintain and manage your websites with the same level of security and backups as your critical infrastructure. 

Collaboration Solutions

We offer hassle-free management, support, and billing for a variety of productivity suites. While we may make recommendations, you get to choose the productivity suite that works best for you. We also take care of security hardening and training for your environment whether that’s Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, or otherwise. We also love to help streamline and train customers on how to use their file collaboration services most effectively like OneDrive, Sharepoint, DropBox, Google Drive, etc.  

Device Health Monitoring

As part of MCT Protect, we offer real-time feedback on your hardware’s health so we can catch potential issues before they impact operations. This service extends across all devices. If we detect a potential issue with a particular device, we will offer our expert advice on a replacement device so that you can make an informed decision.  

Encryption Solutions

Remotely managed encryption ensures the safety of your data. This means if one of your devices falls into the wrong hands its data will be unusable by whoever finds it. This is especially important for mobile devices such as laptops, iPads, or tablets. If you have employees working remotely, this can become an invaluable solution for your company.  

Endpoint Security

We feel that Antivirus alone is no longer sufficient for protecting companies against hackers. Like the lock on your front door, Antivirus is still important, but the front door is only one of many entry points. This leaves openings for other attack methods such as social engineering (phishing emails, zero-day exploits), and ransomware. Endpoint Security is a broader-reaching solution that includes fully managed antivirus software as well as Persistent Footholds, Ransomware Canaries, and External Recon.  

Maintenance Plans

We provide network monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and provide regularly scheduled maintenance after hours. Doing so not only ensures the latest patches are in place and keep your network running at peak performance, we do our best to make sure it does not interfere with your workday. Additionally, we review, update, reboot, and verify any critical production devices on your network.

System and Software Patch Management

Between operating systems and third-party apps, like Adobe, frequent security updates need to be applied quickly. These updates are often necessary to prevent cybercrime trends, so paying attention to them is crucial. Our patch management solution not only deploys updates selectively, but we also fine-tune these updates to apply when you’re away from your computer so that they do not interfere with your day. Plainly put, our patch management services keep all your company’s servers and computers as up-to-date as possible.  

User Management

MCT can centrally manage all your company’s user accounts for all the computers (Windows & macOS) on your network without the need for a traditional onsite server. We provide directory services, asset management, and hardware policies together allowing us to set policies for computers, usernames, and passwords. If any hardware, whether it be a computer or other device should go missing, we can lock down all the USB ports so no one can access them and even remotely wipe the hard drive on computers that go missing 

Backup Services

We tailor each customer’s backup configuration so that it provides the best possible coverage that your IT environment will allow. We utilize Local and Cloud backups. Both are encrypted, compressed, and monitored so we can make sure your data is always secure. When possible, we also build redundancy for added peace of mind.  

Disaster Recovery

When the worst happens and your company’s data is lost, you can have peace of mind that the managed solutions we have put in place allow for rapid disaster recovery. The backup services we provide include both Local and Cloud backups that have been encrypted, compressed, and monitored so that we know the data is secure. You can have peace of mind knowing that if they are needed, restorations happen quickly.

Every service listed above is designed to report back to us if any action needs to be taken which allows for a speedy response from our team. 

We are often aware of issues and are working behind the scenes to resolve them before our clients ever pick up the phone or send us an email!

Behind the scenes we work with vendors of all kinds. When it comes to partnerships we have one rule:

only use what is best for our customers.

this means we only recommend the best hardware and software for your situation, not our profit margin.