Who is MCT?

we are an outsourced IT department for businesses with limited or no IT staff.

Our Team

Music City Technology believes that relationships are important. Coming alongside our clients to establish long-term relationships with them is only one part of the puzzle. Working together as a team allows us to create hand picked IT solutions that ensure your company’s technology environment is seamless. 

We’d love to take a moment to introduce ourselves.

Ryan Anderson

Ryan is a founding member of Music City Technology with over 20 years of IT embedded roles and experience. Among many other roles within MCT, Ryan is often utilized as a stand-in CIO for our clients. The combination of technical experience and years of upper management make Ryan a great resource for any business needing high level IT planning, strategy, or budgeting. Ryan is a lifelong resident of Middle Tennessee. When he's not spending time with his wife and 4 children he likes to go fishing on Old Hickory Lake. Unlike Samuel, he is an early bird and likes his special third-wave coffee.

Matthew Mathis

Matthew is our gatekeeper of all inbound IT requests. Not only is he the first stop for all helpdesk related items; he is like our air traffic controller. Matthew ensures everything from hardware shipments to after-hours maintenance windows are organized and scheduled effectively. Matthew started working full time for MCT after he graduated in 2019 from Union University with a BA in Computer Science. He is by far the most musically inclined member of MCT and plays disc golf regularly. Matthew and his wife enjoy hiking and both play a part in their church choir.

Samuel French

Samuel is the other founding member of Music City Technology. Although he shares many roles with Ryan, Samuel focuses mostly on technical planning and project execution. His attention to detail is often seen throughout Music City Technology’s technical documentation. Outside of his traditional IT responsibilities, Samuel also heads up any media or design tasks that trickle in from time to time. (like this website) When he’s not spending time with his wife and daughter, Samuel likes to catch up with friends over video games. He is the resident polymath. Although all his favorite and most consistent pastime is learning new skills, his wife would say, his hobbies change with the wind.